Friday, October 03, 2008

My Beef With Frank Caliendo

I'm too tired to do a Random Thoughts post, after an absolutely insane September at work. But all the FrankTV commercials have me worked up enough for a post.

I used to think Frank Caliendo was brilliant. His impressions were spot-on. This was before he became really famous. He kind of had a shitty website with ringtones of his best celebrity impressions. They were great. And he stuck to the ones he had mastered.

Then he got the FrankTV show, and I was excited. Any time a brilliant impressionist gets his own show, it's got to be good, right? (Sorry, Dana Carvey.) But Caliendo really forces it. It looks desperate.

Caliendo takes months to years to master a voice. But he's coming out with dozens of new ones each year, and some of them seem like he just started doing them yesterday. Jerry Seinfeld, for instance: awful. (George Costanza, though, was brilliant.) Donald Trump: terrible.

His best are John Madden, George W. Bush, and Charles Barkley.

I shouldn't criticize. He's pretty lucky to get to do this for a living. When I was in college, my British friend taught me how to do a spot-on Sean Connery impression. I walked around for days, speaking only in Connery's voice. My roommate wanted to kill me. My girlfriend broke up with me (I distinctly remember it being because of Connery, but that may just be because it makes for a funnier story). If I could have been paid millions of dollars, I would have annoyed the entire world for it, too. And that's all Caliendo's doing.

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TheYurtingYeti said...

Don't worry, you still annoy us without the voice:-D