Sunday, October 19, 2008

ALCS Game 7 Pre-Game Random Thoughts

Hey, look: MSNBC has a headline that reads, "Opinion: It's do-or-die time for Rays, Red Sox." Wow. That really makes me want to read it.

Even better is the picture posted on this Deadspin story. It's like they're all staring at George Costanza as he unlocks his car in a handicapped parking spot.

Can I ask that the TBS announcers be a little more McCarver-esque tonight? I complain about McCarver, but I love that about him.

During the introductions, something I never thought I'd hear again: "One of last night's offensive heroes for the Red Sox, Jason Varitek."

Have I mentioned how much joy I get from the fact that Manny's team, along with Nomar, was eliminated prior to the Sox? And now there's rumor that Derek Lowe wants back in.

Craig Sager is surprisingly unshocking tonight.

Womaniza womaniza I know what you a-a-a. It's been stuck in my head. Britney's new song is catchier than her STDs. She's back and she's hot again. Who saw that coming?

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