Saturday, October 18, 2008

ALCS Game 6 Random Thoughts Innings 5 and 6

Next round of random thoughts...
  • One of the announcers (Buck Martinez?) says that this is a typical BGJ start because he didn't start well, but "here he is pitching well in the 5th." What?
  • The same announcer then says BGJ is having a quick 5th. Next pitch: double by Drew.
  • BGJ just pitched himself into a 6th inning, with a 9-pitch 5th.
  • So Beckett has a conversation with Farrell and Francona between innings, they get Okajima up and warming, and the leadoff guy gets a base hit. Ominous.
  • Wait, Varitek actually does something of value by throwing Navarro out stealing. Pay that man!
  • Jason Bartlett? He's like the Brooke Shields of the Rays. He's terrible. And yet, he ties the game. That's like Scott Podsednik in 2005.
  • The Rays fans have signs that say, "Shazam". How cute.
  • Still an efficient 78 pitches through 5 for Big Game Beckett.
  • What a catch by Iwamura! That was a bullet.
  • Wha-? Jason Varitek just confused me... he hit a ball into the stands in the outfield. But that's typically a home run. But Varitek doesn't hit home runs... huh. Hey, we'll take it!
  • "Coco Crisp has shown something offensively." Brilliant analysis.
  • "... the sure-handed Jason Bartlett..." Really? 16 errors in 125 games this year, and 26 in 138 last year. That's 2004-Renteria-like. That's 2nd-to-last in AL SS FP.
  • Too bad Pedroia tripped getting into first base, or Ortiz's hit would have scored two. (And my earlier reverse-jinx worked!)
  • Beckett's out after 5. Good move? We'll see. I have stopped questioning Francona. Beckett has been bad for a while, and a solid 5 innings can really boost his confidence. You could ruin that with a bad 6th.
  • After listening to Jerry Remy all season, I can't help but pronounce it "Okajimer."
  • The announcer says the current ump's strikezone is much bigger than the earlier ump's, then the current ump calls the next pitch a ball, even though it's virtually down the middle.

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