Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sabathia: Overworked

We all remember what happened to CC Sabathia last postseason, right? He wore down, presumably due to an innings-pitched overload.

Well, he's at it again. With 5 starts likely remaining in the regular season, Sabathia has thrown 210.1 innings already. Rounding his innings-pitched average up from 7.9 to 8.0 since joining Milwaukee, that would put him at 250 innings by the end of the regular season. That's 9 more than last year.

So why is Ned Yost allowing Sabathia to pitch so much? So they get into the postseason? Well, not really. They have a 6 game lead over Philadelphia in the Wild Card.

Is it because their bullpen stinks? Well, not really. They rank 5th in the NL in ERA, at 3.86, and have thrown the fewest innings, at 372.2.

Maybe it's because Sabathia has been pitching in a lot of close games, and Yost doesn't trust his closing situation, which would be understandable, considering they have used Eric Gagne in that position this year. Well, that can't be it, either. Here are the final scores of his Milwaukee starts in which he pitched at least 7 innings, with innings pitched in parentheses:
7-0 (9)
9-3 (9)
7-1 (7)
5-0 (9)
4-2 (8.1)
3-0 (9)
9-1 (9)
3-2 (9)
5-6 (8)

Only 4 of those 9 games were decided by three or fewer runs. So why was CC in there that long?

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