Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Notes

Player A: 261 at-bats, .268/.355/.330/.685, 22 RBI
Player B: 132 at-bats, .318/.377/.492/.870, 30 RBI

Who is your shortstop for 2009? Player A (Julio Lugo), or Player B (Jed Lowrie)? I know that Lowrie will go through some slumps. He's not likely to finish with an .870 OPS. But there's no way he's as bad as Lugo. His minor league line was .287/.381/.447/.827.

Ollie from Big Brother 10 looks just like Barry Bonds. You can look up some pictures, but there aren't any good ones of Ollie. Just watch the show.

Curt Schilling is tired and contemplating retirement. Prediction: he'll sign with a contender in June or July of 2009, possibly even the Red Sox.

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