Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just Out of Curiosity...

I was just thinking about how often Nomar swung at the first pitch, and got wondering how many pitches he saw per plate appearance when he was with the Sox.

The answer is ugly.

In 2004, Nomar's last year in Boston, he averaged 2.93 P/PA. He didn't qualify due to a lack of at-bats, but the lowest qualifier was notorious free-swinger, Vlad Guerrero, with 3.17. That's a huge disparity.

In 2003 Nomar qualified for the title, and boy did he earn it. He finished dead last, with 3.12 P/PA. That's last in all of MLB.

In 2002 he finished with 3.06 P/PA, tied for second-to-last with Garret Anderson, behind Randall Simon.

He didn't qualify again in 2001, but he finished with a robust 3.18, which would have tied him for third-to-last.

And, predictably, he finished in dead last again in 2000, at 3.05, just ahead of Vlad this time.

That's as far back as's stat splits go, and I don't feel like going to search for more.

In a related story, Nomar's OBP this year is .285. Oh, and he's been injured all year. Again.

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