Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fuzzy Math on WEEI

This afternoon on WEEI, the guys were talking about how good Johan Santana has been this year, and how much better his record would be had he gone to the Yankees. Currently at 10-7, Ordway said the Mets bullpen had blown 5 of his wins in the 9th inning.

Ordway: "You know how good his record would be if he played for the Yankees?"
Someone else, who I think was Lou Merloni: "15-2!"
Ordway and everyone else: "Yeah, wow. What a record."

I think Lou Merloni is doing a damn fine job both on NESN and WEEI, but his math is off here. First off, they're making the assumption that Rivera wouldn't have blown any of Santana's wins, which is a safe assumption, considering Rivera just blew his first save of the season this week.

Secondly, Santana didn't take the loss in those 5 games; someone in the bullpen did (probably the craptacular Billy Wagner). Therefor, Santana's record would be 15-7, since he doesn't give back 5 other losses. Still an excellent record, but not a Pedro-Martinez-circa-1999 record.

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