Sunday, February 17, 2008

David Ortiz's 7-Year Trend

So I got looking at David Ortiz's Baseball Reference page, and two things jumped out at me.

First, take a look at some of his seven-year trends:

2001: .324 OBP/106 OPS+
2002: .339/120
2003: .369/144
2004: .380/145
2005: .397/158
2006: .413/161
2007: .445/171

Amazingly consistent improvement. 5 consecutive top-five MVP finishes.

Secondly, after consecutive years of Mo Vaughn being his Most Similar Player By Age, Carlos Delgado was his most similar at age 31. That's a frightening trend. Actually, Delgado remained productive through age 34 and is now coming off his worst season as a pro, at age 36. So I guess it's better to have been more similar to Delgado than to continue to follow Mo Vaughn's career trajectory.

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