Sunday, February 24, 2008

Red Sox Get A Colon-oscopy

See what I did there, mixing up the name Colon and a surgery with the same name? Man, I'm a genius. I'm sure no one's ever done that before.

Anyway, the Sox signed Bartolo Colon to a low-risk, high reward minor league deal. This is a brilliant move.

Seriously, Colon is just three years (and about eighty pounds) removed from a "Cy Young" season. I put that in quotes because he didn't deserve it, but whatever. It was a very good season.

Next we're going to hear about "how great he looks" in spring training, and "how he really dedicated himself to his conditioning" in the offseason. I can't wait for that shit.

Oh, and I can't wait for his 1.62 WHIP and .857 OPSA.

But this really is a move that can pay huge dividends. Just like that Wade Miller deal.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

David Ortiz's 7-Year Trend

So I got looking at David Ortiz's Baseball Reference page, and two things jumped out at me.

First, take a look at some of his seven-year trends:

2001: .324 OBP/106 OPS+
2002: .339/120
2003: .369/144
2004: .380/145
2005: .397/158
2006: .413/161
2007: .445/171

Amazingly consistent improvement. 5 consecutive top-five MVP finishes.

Secondly, after consecutive years of Mo Vaughn being his Most Similar Player By Age, Carlos Delgado was his most similar at age 31. That's a frightening trend. Actually, Delgado remained productive through age 34 and is now coming off his worst season as a pro, at age 36. So I guess it's better to have been more similar to Delgado than to continue to follow Mo Vaughn's career trajectory.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

It Looks Like Timmy From Seinfeld Was Right

Allow me this brief aside to point out that one of my favorite all-time scenes from Seinfeld turns out to have scientists backing it up. "From now on, when you take a chip - just take one dip and end it!"

In the immortal words of that one-appearance character Timmy,
"From now on, when you take a chip - just take one dip and end it!"