Thursday, November 01, 2007

Schilling's Postseason Alone Worthy of Hall of Fame?

Yesterday on WEEI Rob Bradford said that's Jon Heyman, who has a Hall of Fame vote, said that Curt Schilling's career postseason record of 11-2 by itself gets Schilling into the Hall of Fame.

Bradford understood Heyman to mean that Schilling's regular season record doesn't matter; he's a HOFer no matter what. Schilling could be 112-144 and be a HOFer because he's been dominant in the postseason. This is ridiculous.

Andy Pettitte is not a HOFer, but has a 14-9 career postseason record. Does that put him in the Hall? I don't think so.

I am not saying Schilling isn't a HOFer; I think he's got one foot in the door. One more 15 win season and he's in. But to say that someone's postseason record puts them in is stupid. Bernie Williams would be in the HOF if that were the case.

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