Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mike Lowell... I Don't Know What to Say

Just go read this article. There are too many quotes to post in here.

Mike Lowell impresses me more and more. It's not often that you a) see a guy turn down an extra $12.5 million, and b) say he never really considered it because he doesn't need the money. Lowell turned down the extra money and year of baseball to stay in a city that he and his family love and for the better chance of winning more World Series.

How can you not cheer for a guy like that? He's a rare player in these days.


skootchy22 said...

so true so true!

Anonymous said...

mike lowell, what a player.
if only we had more mlb players with that minor league ego and major league talent... maybe then tickets wouldn't be so expensive.

Dan said...

It is an honor to root for the guy. We knew he was a class act, and he just goes and cements it. Very glad to have him back.