Saturday, November 03, 2007

If Mike Lowell Signs Elsewhere...

I am well aware of how stupid it is to not want the best player in the world on my team, but that's the case. I hate Alex Rodriguez so much that I would not enjoy Sox games like I do now. That's just the way it is. I'm not going to change my position any time soon.

And you know how much I want Mike Lowell to be resigned. But what if he's not resigned? Who's going to man the hot corner in Boston? Someone's got to.

How about Jed Lowrie? Aside from his last name beginning with the same three letters as Lowell's, he's a very good minor leaguer in the Red Sox organization. From what I can find, Lowrie has never played third base but everything I've read says he's a solid to very good defender with very good arm strength.

How about his offense? In 93 AA games in Portland he hit .297/.410/.501 - the ideal Red Sox combination of power and get-on-base-ability. In 40 AAA games he hit .300/.356/.506, dropping only in OBP, but not significantly. For his entire minor league career he has walked almost as many times as he has struck out.

If the Sox fail to resign Lowell and can't get a suitable replacement on the free agent market, Jed Lowrie would be my choice for 2008 and beyond.

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ozsweet said...

thank god he has finally signed - 4 years / $48M. Not too far off the 3 years / $40M he was offered. (The extra year will not be worth it, but the Yanks were poised to come in at 3 years / $60).

Now what do we do more holes to fill.....