Friday, November 09, 2007

David Ortiz Runs Like the Wind

Joe Posnanski always has some interesting nuggets in his blog, but today's blew me away when discussing the baserunners who lead MLB in bases taken (italics mine):
Bases taken (bases advanced on passed balls, wild pitches, balk, sac fly, defensive indifference steal).
DeJesus: 29.
Teahen: 22
– Well, here’s one advantage for DeJesus — he was helped by the fact that he was on base probably 30 more times than Teahen. Still, DeJesus was opportunistic — he ranked fourth in bases taken behind some pretty good runners: Grady Sizemore, Jose Reyes and Ichiro Suzuki. Fifth on the list, oddly, was David Ortiz. I should do a whole post on that. Teahen’s bases taken, by the way, are way above average too.
Wow. What do you say to that?

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