Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Boston is Filled With Homers

Looking around the Internet at Red Sox blogs and articles, you'd think Josh Beckett had just turned in a 1999 Pedro Martinez-type season and then was robbed of the Cy Young by Victor (please call me Carlos) Zambrano. You can see examples of Homerism here and here, where Red Sox Monster compares the snub with Coco's for Gold Glove. You get the same thing on WEEI and WJAB.

Have people forgotten that WE WON THE WORLD SERIES? And Beckett was ALCS MVP, while Sabathia was atrocious. Beckett was very gracious when he finished in second, saying "the right guy won it." He knows it's not about regular season awards; it's about winning the World Series. Sabathia would gladly trade.

I don't understand the negativity right now. Who cares if Beckett didn't win the Cy? Stop bitching and enjoy all the success New England is having right now.

For the record, I flip-flopped on my Cy opinion. I originally said Beckett wasn't Cy, then said he was. Sue me.

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