Sunday, October 28, 2007

World Series Game 4 Random Thoughts

Before I get to the bullet points, I wanted to comment on ARod opting out of his contract, which was apparently just reported moments ago. I'm quite surprised about this - I thought he'd stay in NY after the season he had. But maybe 2007 was the big "eff you" year for him, like it is for the Patriots right now. "See what I can do?"

Personally, I'm thrilled about it; they've lost the best hitter in the game and there's not much out there with which to replace him. Mike Lowell? Could the Red Sox have a back door bid in on ARod, like they did with JD Drew last year? ARod has to have some serious offers if he opted out of $81 million plus the $150 million the Yankees were prepared to tack on to the end of that contract. I hope not.

Now if we could just get a crappy manager in NY, we'd be all set. Too bad Dusty Baker has already been hired elsewhere.

Onto the bullet points:
  • During the National Anthem, my wife said it best: "That's one big-ass flag!"
  • Fred Willard: Funny. Brad Garrett: Not. Seriously, Willard has been funny in everything he's ever done. Brad Garrett has only been funny in Everybody Loves Raymond.
  • BuckCarver made a big deal out of the infield grass slowing the balls down a lot and even mentioned that Troy Tulowitzki loves it for his defense. Is it possible that this is why he's known so much for his defense - he gets to more balls because their infield allows him to?
  • David Ortiz had a great pick on a bad throw by Lugo in the second inning. Youkilis was impressed.
  • Jon Lester is the man. He kept getting out of jam after jam.
  • Please, please stop playing that Taco Bell "rules to live by" commercial. Both of the guys are annoying and the whole concept is obnoxious and predictable. I actually mute the tv when it comes on. They finally cut the chick and the dog out of some viewings, but they still call them "rules" to live by, even though they only leave one rule in. These things annoy me. I know I'm not alone.
  • Another thing that needs to stop: the in-game interviews with the managers and pitching coaches. Do they ever say anything worth hearing. No, it just makes you miss key plays.
  • Wow, that was a fascinating story by McCarver about Hank Aaron's "nervous cough" before every plate appearance. Is this why McCarver gets the job? I mean, that story was awful.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again: Mike Lowell is cleaning up right now. He is earning a ton of money for himself and I'm happy for him.
  • I love the music the Red Sox bullpen makes during every game. You could hear it throughout the game. Great stuff.
  • Lonestar, the band that sang "God Bless America," is garbage. Just awful. And yet 10 million of their albums have been sold. Country fans are idiots. And tone deaf.
  • Another gimmick on Fox: The DirecTV Home Run Cam. Basically, they just flash those words on the screen during a HR trot. Brilliant.
  • Bobby Kielty says: "Warm up? I don't need no stinkin' warm up!"
  • Huh. ESPN and I knew about ARod opting out of his contract before BuckCarver and Fox. Shocker. reported it at 10:50pm and I read the article at 10:52. Ken Rosenthal just reported it at 11:11pm.
  • Fox is of course making a huge deal out of John Henry typing on his Blackberry and smiling right after Rosenthal announced the ARod opt-out. I'm sure Henry has been text-messaging all game. A guy as rich and involved as he is probably text messages in his sleep.
  • Ugh. The thought of Lowell playing third base for the Yankees while ARod mans... umm... I mean plays.. the hot corner in Boston makes me sick.
  • Speaking of being sick, Joe Buck just announced that Eric Gagne is warming up next to Jonathan Papelbon. Not only does the prospect of Gagne entering game 4 in a save situation scare the crap out of me, I also don't want his bad mojo rubbing off on Papelbon.
  • I like the new nickname "Papajima." It's a keeper.
  • My son is 3 and a half years old and never gets out of bed in the middle of the night. He walked right out during the bottom of the 8th inning and climbed into my lap and went back to sleep. He must have known they were close! I hope he didn't jinx them.
  • I hate Joe Buck. "Garrett Atkins has not had an RBI since game 1 of the NLDS." Speaking of jinxes.
  • The prospect of Papelbon on the mound for the clincher has me downright giddy.
  • McCarver just pointed out that Buck said earlier that Francona would use Okajima "judiciously" tonight and that's exactly what he did. Judiciously means with good judgment. Are their managers out there who intend to use their pitchers non-judiciously? Oh, never mind.
  • Did you see that catch Jacoby made? Would Manny have caught that? That scared the crap out of me.
  • I love non-Yankee World Series celebrations.
  • More to come Monday morning after this has all settled in.
Rockies fans, you should be very happy with your team. They're young and very talented. I don't think 2007 was a fluke. Plus, I think the Rockies ownership has to spend some money this season to improve the weak spots.

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