Sunday, October 28, 2007

World Series Game 3 Random Thoughts

I really hope the Sox finish the series off tonight so I can start going to bed at a reasonable time again. Onto the bullet points, which are limited due to my exhaustion:
  • McCarver says at the beginning of the game that the Rockies have only moved runners alone with a hit in 2 games in this series - games 1 and 2. Huh. He must have chosen his words wrong, but I can't figure out what he could have meant.
  • Seriously, can we just eliminate the Keys to the Game and the Scouting Reports? They are stupid and pointless.
  • And while we're at it, how about the DirecTV Diamond Cam? Another stupid gimmick that does nothing for me.
  • Troy Tulowitzki continues to look awkward at shortstop. I know the statistics show that he's by far the best SS in the game, but I haven't seen it yet in this World Series.
  • Where can I get some of those red arm gloves Youk was wearing on the bench?
  • One of the funniest fan signs I've ever seen in the stands: "Big Papi eats big boogers." It doesn't get any better than that. Then Fox follows that up by showing a woman holding a sign that says "My Favorite Holliday." Lame.
  • And then they show a fan wearing a Stormtrooper helmet that covered his entire head and it had the Colorado Rockies logo on it. Super lame. I hate Star Wars fanatics.
  • The Rockies intentionally walk Manny to get to Lowell with the bases loaded. Just ask Troy O'Leary - it's never a good idea to walk the bases loaded.
  • Manny's slide at home appeared to have been the best and smartest slide ever by Manny. But it looked like the ump got the call right.
  • I can't wait for the Joe Buck Show. I'm sure it'll be just as successful as John McEnroe's show.
  • Buck and McCarver keep surprising my this postseason by avoiding the obvious baseball cliches. In game 3 they neglected to give us the "Daisuke is helping his own cause" after Matsuzaka drove in 2 with a single.
  • My friend can have Okajima for his manfatuation; I'll take Jacoby Ellsbury. This guy is a stud.
  • McCarver on Ellsbury and Pedroia: "The tablesetters tonight have also brought the entree and dessert! Hahaha!"
That's all I've got for random observations from game 3. But let me just say that this team could be a force for a long time. They have the money to go out and get the big free agents and they keep infusing the team with young talent each year from their development system. The team is run extremely well.

Go ahead and complain about Lugo and Drew and any other bad free agent signing, but this team has a lot more guys to be excited about than to hate.


Dan said...

"this team has a lot more guys to be excited about than to hate."

HUGE understatement.

Anonymous said...

this is a funny ass video of mccarver dropping an f-bomb on joe buck for contradicting him on air.