Friday, October 12, 2007

The Tim McCarver Blues

As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I hate Tim McCarver. I am bound by this hatred to post anything that trashes him, like the video below.

It's a short video, maybe 2 minutes, and takes about a minute to really get going, but it's really funny. I especially like the SAP part. But it made me wonder: what if you switched over to SAP and it was McCarver's voice? That would be a nightmare! Kind of like when George Costanza bought the Risk Management book on tape and it turned out to be his voice.

(Via Red Sox Monster)


skootchy22 said...

Loved that episode

Ric said...

Late in last night's game (Game 3) he and Buck were conversing about Jacoby Ellsbury's home town of Madras, Oregon. Timmy Mac says, "Madras is south of Portland." Madras is actually more east than it is south of Portland and there is a major mountain range (The Cascades) between the two. For you Red Sox fanns, saying Madras is south of Portland is like saying Hartford is south of Boston. He also pronounced it Mah-drus. It is pronounced Mad-rus. He must have learned geography from Fox News, which in covering the capsizing of a fishing boat near Tillamook a few years ago, described it as being off the coast of Portland. Portland while being a major west coast port, is actually pretty well inland.