Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scientifically Proven Fact: Lowell is Better Than ARod

Of course the bigger story is David Ortiz scoring just the 7th perfect score of all time, but I'm going with the ARod sucks angle. You knew I would.

ARod, after leading his position for 8 consecutive years, has lost his banner to our own Mike Lowell at third base. Was Mike Lowell really that much of a better hitter than ARod? No, ARod just sucked at fielding.

So clearly Lowell is worth a 10 year, $300 million contract and ARod will be lucky to get a 3 year deal.


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Anonymous said...

hey stat guy. get a girlfriend. or a job. no one cares what you think about anything.thats why you blog on a site that no one reads.give it up.your opinions are lame and the rehashed takes you hear from other people.lame make real red sox fans sick to their stomach. wannabe loser.