Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pedroia's (Alleged) Slap

I wrote an eight-paragraph post this morning and one of those paragraphs is getting an awful lot of attention:
Someone was kind enough to anonymously post a comment on last night's post, reminding me of something I wanted to mention. Pedroia's slide into first (picture here) was just about as bush league as ARod's slap of Bronson Arroyo in 2004. And yet, Fox didn't even mention it. I was appalled.
That was it.

Yankees fans have taken it and run with it. It was featured on at least a dozen prominent Yankee blogs and forums and used as a crutch for Yankees fans to hold up their waning love for ARod.

Look, I was appalled at the lack of mention by Fox. I was appalled by the play. But that was it. It was just as bush league as ARod's hit, but the situation was nowhere near as serious. In 2004, the Yankees had frittered away a 3-0 series lead down to 3-2 and were about to lose that game. They were down 4-2 in the 8th inning with Derek Jeter on first base. When ARod slapped the ball out of Arroyo's hand, I believe Jeter scored on the play and I definitely remember ARod made it to second base. So now they were only down 4-3 with Sheffield up and a man in scoring position. And all the momentum.

So the umps call ARod out, call Jeter back to first base, and the momentum is gone. The Yanks lose 4-2 and go on to lose the series. Pedroia was the first batter of Tuesday night's game. No one was on base. No one would have scored on the play.

Do I think Pedroia tried to slap the ball out of his hand? Yes, but it also wasn't as blatant as ARod's. All I was saying with my post was: Yes, I hate ARod and think he's bush league, but I see the same things happening with my Red Sox from time to time, like Manny's home run stylings.

I know Yankee fans and bloggers will probably excoriate me now, but this is how I feel. If I had felt as strongly as they wanted me to feel, it would have gotten its own eight paragraph post, not just 1/8th of a post.

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Russell said...

Pedroia is bush league. Bottom line.