Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On the Brink

I ended up watching the first 3 innings before I nodded off last night, but I didn't take any notes like I typically would.

Someone was kind enough to anonymously post a comment on last night's post, reminding me of something I wanted to mention. Pedroia's slide into first (picture here) was just about as bush league as ARod's slap of Bronson Arroyo in 2004. And yet, Fox didn't even mention it. I was appalled.

Also, McCarver's scouting report on Paul Byrd said "Guts match stuff." What the hell does that mean? I can't even speculate on this.

Wake was mowing them down through the first 3, making me a believer. I was in the Pitch Wake/Rest Beckett camp, thinking Beckett on regular rest would be best. I felt that Beckett on short rest may have given a small edge over pitching Wakefield last night, but it wasn't worth the risk.

I am also firmly in the Bench Drew and Coco/Start Jacoby and Kielty camp. Coco and Drew are done. They're awful. Is Francona only keeping them in out of loyalty? And to whom? Loyalty to the players or to Theo Epstein? It's infuriating. Francona did such a great job all year and now he's turning into Grady Little.

I should be back with more Random Thoughts from game 5 late tomorrow night. I'm all rested and feeling better.

EDIT: I also wanted to comment on Manny's "heroic" home run. What was he thinking, raising his hands and not running, as if his HR was the series-winning shot? They were still down by 4 or 5 runs! Someone's going to hit him in the face to teach him a lesson. He's making a habit of this and people, including Red Sox fans, are getting sick of it.

SECOND EDIT: This entry has received a ton of pub due to my view on Pedroia's play. A lot of people are coming from a Yankees Fans forum on, but I am unable to view what's been said. Can someone please fill me in? Send an e-mail to



myrtlebeachfan said...

great post. glad to see someone in red sox nation viewing baseball through clear glasses, instead of the usual rose or dark colored ones.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

Thanks. You need to be realistic. I trash ARod as much as anyone else; it's only fair to turn it around on our players when they do the same exact thing.