Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ohhhhhh.... SNAP!!

From Rob Neyer's chat today (Insider required):
Pat (NYC): Now, I'm really mad at A-Rod, because he's made even Peter Gammons cranky and curmudgeonly! Regarding Pedroia's sacrificing his scholarship at Arizona State, Gammons yesterday wrote: "The sabermetrics guys in their garages never understand these things". What's up with that? What did we do?

Rob Neyer: I don't know, Pat. Most of the sabermetrics guys I know think the world of Pedroia. You should ask Peter, the next time he does a chat.
It's funny because Gammons doesn't do chats!

But seriously, I read this blog post by the esteemed Hall of Famer Sir Peter Gammons and thought the same thing: he's getting cranky. He seems to have these biting remarks a lot lately about "sabermetrics guys" and I don't know where he's coming from. He seems to be turning into all the other old-time baseball writers, hating all the changes and advancements the game is making now, as if it didn't make similar advancements during their heyday.

Gammons has always been a "feel" guy, making educated guesses about awards and free agency, etc, based on feel instead of stats and facts. In my mind, he has become irrelevant. He hasn't and won't become Joe Morgan or Tim McCarver, but it pains me to read his material now and that's sad.

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