Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mike Lowell Is Not the Red Sox MVP

Once again, Tony Maz is a moron, giving Mike Lowell a grade of A while giving David Ortiz a B+. I’m not even going to break this down because The Joy of Sox already has, but I am appalled. Maz even makes the case for an A in his explanation, but sticks with the B+.

On the same note, apparently JD Drew’s season OBP of .373 wasn’t even good enough for a D- average. Professor Maz failed Drew, despite the excellent OBP and possibly division-saving September.

Tony Maz is an unbearable, whining hack.

On a bright note, my wife just got me XM satellite radio, meaning I won’t have to listen to Maz on WEEI anymore.

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skootchy22 said...

What exactly is his value to WEEI??
He is a sports-idiot, offering very generic insights, and he has an annoying voice. Is he someone's brother in law or something?