Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Keep Mike Lowell Petition

I'm not big on petitions, but this one seems to be a good fit for me. It's the Keep Mike Lowell Petition and as of this writing there are nearly 8,000 signatures.

The write-up is nice and the only point I disagree with is that it's easy to win a Gold Glove. The GG is the biggest joke in baseball, which is why a guy like Derek Jeter has won 3 or 4 and why Rafael Palmeiro won one as a DH.

Mike Lowell should be in a Red Sox uniform. And I don't just say that because they just won a World Series. I was against re-signing Pedro, Damon, and Derek Lowe when the times came because they were all on the downside of their careers and/or injury prone - and, in Derek Lowe's case, overrated.

But Lowell seems to only improve with time and has been more durable than anyone. He thrives in Boston, which is a very hot commodity, and works extremely hard. He epitomizes the "dirt dog" mentality. Just look at his headfirst slide into home plate this weekend.

So Lowell is beyond peak age. So what? There should be exceptions to the rule. In a normal world, I don't think Lowell would command more than 3 years, $36 million. But this isn't a normal world. The problem is the Yankees - they just lost their stud third baseman, for whom they had set aside more than $230 million. They might throw $60 million at Lowell, causing a problem for the Sox.

The Sox will surely not sign Lowell for close to $60 million and no one should expect them to. And no one should expect Lowell to decline such an offer. Unlike Johnny Damon, Lowell never declared that he'd never wear pinstripes. If he chooses to go to New York, we should all respect that decision and applaud him when he's back in Boston.

Unlike Johnny Damon, he deserves that much.

(From Red Sox Monster)


skootchy22 said...

Screeeeeew that! I dont care if Papelbon goes to the Yanks, I will boo and hate his ass. I am sick of the "I understand that its a business" garbage that everyone hides behind now. Sports are for FANS. None of this would exist without them, and none of these guys would be making 40, 60, or whatever million if not for the fans. If they have no respect for how we would feel, I do not give a crap how they feel when they get the full on Johnny treatment everytime they come to bat.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

He should be booed for being a Yankee, yes, but not for his decision to leave the Red Sox, like Damon was. Lowell has been nothing but classy his entire stay here and never made anti-Yankee comments like Damon (and now Schilling).

skootchy22 said...

I do agree there, I put both Lowell and Schill in a class 10 times above Damon. However, I still feel that Lowell has made comments about how great the fans are, and how he loves to play for them, so it would still be the same slap in the face of Red Sox Nation to go to the evil empire.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

Why? He hasn't lied. Damon said just 5 months before free agency that he'd NEVER play for the Yankees.

skootchy22 said...

Its not the lying, its the going to play for the Yankees. I wouldnt expect a player to turn down an offer based on the rivalry, but I also wouldnt expect them to think they wont be resented by the fans for it.