Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Johan Santana to the Yankees?

Rumor has it (Insider required) that the Yankees may be prepared to trade Melky Cabrera, Ian Kennedy, and Chien Ming Wang for Johan Santana.

Interesting idea, except that you can’t be sure anymore what you’re going to get from Johan. After logging more than 225 innings in each of the previous 3 years and then 121 prior to the All-Star Break in 2007, Santana registered a 5-7 record and 4.04 ERA in the second half. I know – he killed my once dominant fantasy baseball team. (Well, him and losing Erik Bedard.)

Santana is obviously the cream of the free agent crop, but could he be tired? Could he have been masking an injury? Add to that the cost: 2 of your projected starting pitchers in exchange for one. With no other good starters available on the open market this fall, unless you’re interested in an aging Curt Schilling, which might actually make sense.

The other rumor mentioned by Rob Neyer in that blog entry was that the Yankees are about to throw a ton of money at Jorge Posada. Great. I hope they do. Posada will be 37 next summer and has about 1400 games at catcher. That’s huge. Jason Varitek has about 1200 and he seems pretty much done. I’m pretty sure the Sox won’t be throwing the money at him when his contract is up after 2008, and he’ll be the same age then as Posada is now.

By the way, rumor has it the Yanks are looking at a 3-year deal for $40 million for Posada. Wow.


Dustin said...

New trade rumor: Crisp/Lugo/Buccholz for Santana.


Red Sox Stats Guy said...

That's not new. Sean McAdam started it last week on WEEI. He admits there's no legitimacy to it; he was just throwing out what it would take to get Santana.

yankeeguy said...

Whoever mad e the rumor of that trade for santana by the yankees is crazy as a loon, and made it up by themselves. Wang, Melky, and Ian Kennedy? The Yankees will NEVER trade Hughes, Kennedy, or Chamberlain, these guys are 3 of their starting 5 rotation for nect year. If a deal goes down for Santana, look for the second teir pitchers to be traded. Rasner, DeSalvo, Humberto Sanchez, Tyler Clippard, Igawa, Karstens,Chase Wright, and possibly Ross Ohlendorf,who is a 1st teir pitching prospect. I wouldn't be surprised if something happens with Mussina, he could go in a Santana deal with 2 or 3 or even 4 of the above prospects. He would be some veteran leadership for the Twins, which have none left after Santana departs. Lastly, there is No chance that the RedSox are involved in a Santana deal. They are at the limits of their spending now, and they just signed Schilling for another year. They will have to put up Big bucks for a LF, should Manny leave, or big bucks to resign Manny. Lowell is getting a healthy contract this year, and Boston loves Ellsbury, who may start in CF next year. Boston has a great rotaion next year in Beckett, Schilling, Matzusaka, Lester, and Buchholz. Why would they mess with that?

Anonymous said...

I would do that deal in a second if I were the Yanks. Melky does not ahve the bat to be a center fielder, and we can always sign Tori Hunter. Wang never comes through in the playoffs and his ERA on the road is average. I think also he's somewhat of a head case. Ian Kennedy made three starts last year and may be good but not dominant. He will never be Santana. If the Yanks can get Santana without giving up Hughes or Chamberlain then goodness gracious. Hughes may be overhyped a bit and his fastball seemed to lack soem velocity (maybe needs to build up arm strength?) but he's a keeper. Santana would be the answer to Beckett. If it happens then the yanks are instantly in the running for Andrew Jones or Hunter, probably Lowell too. Maybe the big boss wants to celebrate while he still can, and with all that money he sure can't take it with him. Crisp Lugo and Buccholz won't do it.