Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Hate the Colorado Rockies Organization

My friend Matt called me the other day to see if I wanted to fly out to Denver for games 3 and 4 this weekend. I wasn't so sure I wanted to spend that much money and use the last of my vacation time this early in the year, but I decided what the hell, it's the World Series.

On Monday we waited out the Ticket Debacle on for 3 hours before they announced that everything had crashed before more than a few hundred tickets had been sold. Seriously, they couldn't have announced this earlier?

On Tuesday my cousin Michele, who is married to Matt, sat in the virtual waiting room on for only 40 minutes before she got in to buy tickets! She picked our seats, in section 134 right behind home plate! Only $250 per ticket, which is an absolute bargain if you've seen the prices on

That's when things went to hell.

After picking the seats and everything else, the website crashed. No confirmation. Nothing charged to her credit card. Panic time.

Michele went back to the virtual waiting room and got back in fairly quickly. Things were looking up. The seats weren't nearly as good - somewhere in right field - but hey, they're World Series tickets. But it crashed again.

(This is where you hear the telltale Law and Order "dun dun!")

After getting back into the virtual waiting room again, Michele called the Rockies "customer service" number listed on their website and waited for nearly an hour before getting through to a completely useless rep. He told her there was nothing they could do. He was not sympathetic and didn't seem to care that the organization he worked for had completely screwed up the biggest event in their history.

Shortly thereafter, the virtual waiting room announced tickets for games 3 and 4 had been sold out.

So this begs the question: was there a conspiracy? Some say yes - the Rockies were crashing the orders for people who lived outside of a certain zone or for those who lived in New England, so Coors Field was filled with mostly Rockies fans. I think that's silly and ridiculous - there's no way the Colorado Rockies are that smart. I think they're incredibly stupid.

The high of having your tickets behind home plate for the World Series of your favorite team and then the low of having them ripped out of your hands - twice - sucks a big one. I hope some other Sox fans got their tickets and will send me pictures that I can post here. Let me know at

EDIT: Apparently others had the same problem (last 2 paragraphs):

Meanwhile, Ryan Krug, 29, of Boulder left empty handed after bringing a printout of the tickets he had come close to buying on the Web site. He said the slow moving site timed out after he entered his credit card information but he said team officials told him he couldn't get tickets because he never got a confirmation number.

"I guess I'll frame those," Krug said, holding up the papers. "And watch it on TV."


Jillian said...

Moving from Maine (the greatest state ever) to Colorado (also a nice place ... but no ocean) I was so excited when the Red Sox won the American League spot in the World Series to play the Rockies. We tried for HOURS, as everyone else did, for 2 days due to "hackers" (yeah right). There are very few people who did get tickets here, those who did got on average 8-12 tickets and are now reselling them for ridiculous amounts. As a true fan, who can't afford $2,500 tickets, I'm completely disgusted with the whole process. Way to screw it up Rockies

Anonymous said...

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