Thursday, October 25, 2007

Game One Was a Mild Success

Well that was a massive beatdown. I’m not sure anyone saw that coming. I actually went to bed after the 7-run 5th inning. Even Eric Gagne couldn’t blow a 13-1 lead.

Speaking of Gagne, has anyone noticed that he has now thrown consecutive perfect innings after the game 2 collapse in the ALCS? I still don’t want him pitching in a close game, but it’s still good to see.

Man, for all the hype Troy Tulowitzki received for his defense, he looked awfully awkward out there in game 1. I can’t be the only one who noticed. There were a couple of line drives that he appeared to time his jump wrong on and he had a ball go into his glove and go back out for a base hit. That should have been an error. Those rallies could have ended earlier if he had made some more plays.

Please, please don't compare Pedroia to Eckstein. The only things that make them similar are their size. Pedroia as a rookie is 10 times the ballplayer Eckstein has ever been. But be prepared for the comparisons, since Eckstein was World Series MVP last year. I'm sure McCarver and Buck will look past the facts and make some comparisons. And I'm sure it'll piss me off.

So far so good for the Sox. This is very enjoyable. I wish I had more time for more thoughtful posts, but I’ve been so busy with helping my mom move lately. Enjoy the games and I’ll try to do a Random Thoughts post for game 3 Saturday night.

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