Friday, October 26, 2007

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Terry Francona and the management team look like geniuses (genii? Why do some words change like that but others don't? Like anus - shouldn't it be ani? I wonder about these things) right now. They rested Okajima towards the end of the season and now he's become the amazing, lock-down closer we came to expect during the first half of the season. They stuck with Dustin Pedroia during his horrible early season slump and he's going to be Rookie of the Year and one of their postseason MVPs. They stuck with JD Drew through his whole bad season and now he has 11 RBI in 12 postseason games.

Speaking of Drew, I think people can stop calling him "Nancy" now. On a cold October night, he got nailed squarely on the ankle bone by a pitch, shook it off, and got right back in their to produce a couple more hits. The guy is on fire right now.

Received the following e-mail from my friend who said he was developing a man-crush on Okajima back at the end of April: "Oki Man-crush update: Infatuated." Agreed.

Saturday night's game is going to be painful to watch, knowing that I should be there, sitting behind home plate.

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