Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Bad Headline

This is Dusty Baker related, but I'm actually not Dusty bashing this time. It's another ridiculous headline on ESPN.com:

Baker wants to restore winning aura to Reds

No kidding. Here's how I expected his introduction to go:

Reporter 1: "Dusty, what are your goals in your first season as Reds manager?"
Dusty: "You know, nothing different from last year. Business as usual."
Reporter 2: "But don't you want to improve on anything? Don't you want to win?"
Dusty: "Let's not get our expectations too high here, folks. I mean, seriously. This is the Reds we're talking about."

Then he goes on to talk about how he wants Adam Dunn to stop walking and clogging up the bases.

Seriously, though - who comes up with these headlines? Do Reds fans actually think to themselves, "Wow! Dusty really wants to win!" and then click on the link to hear his quotes?

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