Monday, October 15, 2007

Amelie Benjamin's Headline Choice

I like Amelie Benjamin a lot. Besides being very attractive in a cute, bookwormish kind of way, she seems to know her stuff. That’s why I hope she didn’t make the choice of the headline and subheadline (whatever that’s called) on this article.

“He’s ready to step forward.” No kidding. He’d better be. I’d hate to see a headline that read “He’s not sure he can handle it” or “He’s concerned about straining his groin.”

“Matsuzaka next in line, hoping to meet challenge.” Even more crap there. Someone else must create the headlines, like the Editor or Headline Creator Guy.

Game 4’s headline will read “Wake hopes to pitch well.”


The Statue said...

being a redsox fan is equal to eating sunflower seeds with no teeth-- generally, a bad idea.

go tribe.

Anonymous said...

amelie benjamin is so dorky. i love the red sox but i cant stand her. i dont understand how she is an "expert" on baseball. she's a geek and is painful to watch. she should go try being an expert at something else.