Friday, October 05, 2007

ALDS NYY/CLE Game 2 Random Thoughts

Another fantastic game (well, any Yankee loss is a fantastic game) and a phenomenal pitching performance from Fausto. Some random thoughts:
  • Much was made of the fact that the Indians had zero ("ZERO!" according to one analyst) home runs against Andy Pettitte, but they never mention how many at-bats they've totaled against him. Well, I'm here to enlighten you. They do have 107 at-bats against Pettitte, which is a decent sample size, but the only guys with more than 9 are Kenny Lofton and Chris Gomez, two guys who don't hit many home runs anyway. So this is just another case of sensational journalism.
  • I think it was Tony Gwynn who said one of the Indians hitters was "just looking for something to jerk."
  • What exactly is the premise of Frank TV? Does he just do impressions the whole time? I love Frank Caliendo, but that would get old very quickly. And his Dr Phil impression is not good. Mine is much better. "You NEED... to STOP... EATING!!"
  • It was actually fun watching Pettitte. I love a good pitchers duel and this definitely qualified. Especially when Sizemore had the leadoff triple and Pettitte got out of it, followed by a big fist pump. I love that.
  • On The Big Jab today, their afternoon moron was talking about game 3 and how Clemens is a "big game pitcher." Naturally, I scoffed. But I looked it up and he's right. Roger's ERA goes from 4.36 in the LDS to 3.87 in the LCS to 2.37 in the World Series. Damn him.
  • Top of the 9th, Abreu steals second, one of the announcers says (very excitedly, obviously a Yankee fan), "And the winning run at 2nd base!" Well, no. It's the potential winning run, or the go-ahead run. There's still the home half of the inning. This announcer hopefully knows that if Abreu scores in the top half of the 9th, the game doesn't end.
  • I loved seeing Johnny Damon being called in to cover first base instead of leaving his gimpy arm in left field. This guy's making how much money to play center field? And he can't play center, he can't play left in tough situations, and he's way too sucky to be a first baseman. Good luck trying to unload that contract this offseason. By the way, I'm right-handed and when I throw with my left, it looks the same as when Johnny throws. Maybe he is actually right-handed and he just never tried to throw with his right? Imagine if he tried one day and he was able to throw a bullet from the wall to home?
  • Bottom of the 11th, bases loaded, Asdrubal Cabrera up for the Indians. They show a close-up of him and my wife asks the important question, "Why is he wearing pearls?"
  • Derek Jeter is dating Gabrielle Union. Yet another reason to hate him.

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