Saturday, October 13, 2007

ALCS Game 2 Random Thoughts

Again, straight to the bullet points:
  • Eric Karros was pretty darn good in the pregame booth. Kevin Kennedy: not so much. And Jeanne Zelasko, please exit stage left and take Dane Cook with you.
  • I've never noticed sweat stains under a baseball players armpits before, but Schilling was sporting some serious pit stains while he was warming up. Don't tell me you didn't notice.
  • James freaking Taylor doing the lineup intro for the Sox? That was awful. You wanna talk about awkward tv, that's right up there. "Batting 5th: Mike Lowell. Nice guy." He stammered more than a 7th grader with acne asking the hottest girl to dance.
  • Leadoff batter Dustin Pedroia strikes out on a ball that bounced at the plate. My first thought: "Shit." Looks like a tough night against Carmona (pronounced "Camona" for the first few innings by McCarver).
  • McCarver: "Carmona, wearing #55, the speed limit." Only for old people like you, Tim.
  • McCarver tries to make some analogy of Youkilis being an 8-hole hitter, hitting in front of the pitcher, but fails to mention that it's an analogy. It was quite confusing and wouldn't have even made much sense as an analogy.
  • Prior to this game, Ortiz has reached base in 29 of 35 plate appearances. Wow.
  • "'Til Death" is still on tv? I had no idea. And those commercials with Brad Garrett smiling at the camera are creepy. He was hilarious on "Raymond," but I can't stand to watch him in anything else.
  • McCarver is talking about which teams Schilling might sign with in the offseason and says he "could go back to the Dodgers." Strange, I didn't know Schilling had ever played for the Dodgers.
  • Joe Buck praised Casey Blake's beard for a solid 2 minutes. He just outcreeped Brad Garrett.
  • JD Drew grounds out and McCarver says, "You might call that an out, but it was a good approach." Yes, I might call that an out.
  • Did anyone else notice something white poking out from under Carmona's uniform on his shoulder? Strange...
  • Why does Fox's audio keep going in and out? They suck.
  • Dane Cook. Ugh.
  • Coco on first, Lugo at the plate. McCarver states matter-of-factly that Lugo will be bunting here. I immediately roll my eyes. This guy doesn't know anything about baseball. Coco Crisp is one of the best baserunners in the league and the Red Sox hate "productive outs." They bunt once in a while, but they will almost always send Coco instead of bunting. Sure enough, Coco steals.
  • Again, I have that desire to rent Transformers. This is getting strange.
  • Manny: 3 bases loaded at-bats, 3 walks.
  • McCarver: "Mike Lowell drove in more RBIs... errr, runs... than any other Boston third baseman." The way he worded it was funny, as if there were a lot of other 3B this season. I'm pretty sure he meant in Boston history, but whatever. Lowell also had more RBIs than any other Boston player this year.
  • No Stephen King sighting through 3 innings. Did he get run over on his way to the park?
  • McCarver and Buck couldn't tell Daisuke and Okajima apart during a shot of the bullpen. They probably wouldn't be able to tell apart CC Sabathia and Kenny Lofton, either.
  • Sox are up 3-1 and they're talking about Mark Shapiro saying this weekend that silence at Yankee Stadium is very satisfying, to which McCarver says, "And it's silent here right now." Huh?
  • Of course, next batter Jhonny Peralta immediately silences Fenway with a 3-run homer.
  • So is Carmona's sinker soft and light or hard and heavy? I can't remember.
  • Joe Buck made a "more cowbell" reference? Could he be more hip than we thought? Nahhh....
  • I miss Travis Fryman. I collected all his rookie cards, thinking they'd be worth something some day.
  • Manny up, 0-2 count. I turn to my wife and say, "Home run. Right here." Next pitch: "Boom. Gone." Then Mike Lowell. Me, again: "Boom. Gone." My wife pretends to throw a grenade at me and says "Boom. Gone. Nope, it didn't work."
  • Fox played "Dirty Water after the 5th inning?!? I immediately wrote on my notepad: "Dirty Water jinx?"
  • McCarver makes a lot of "factual" statements that are not based on any fact. They're his opinion that he tries to pass off as fact. Tim McCarver is the biggest tool in broadcasting. That is a fact.
  • Okajima warming up in the bullpen during the 6th. McCarver: "It would be a rare feat for Okajima to come in during the 6th inning." The dictionary defines "feat" as "a notable achievement." Interesting.
  • Joe Buck is obsessed with the sound the ball makes off the bat on a home run. He thinks it makes a different sound. If you close your eyes and just listen to a game thinking that, you'd think there were a lot of home runs. The ball makes that sound on foul balls, line drives, ground outs, etc.
  • Dane Cook: "You wanna see one team all after one cause? The Rockies!" Apparently the Red Sox, Indians, and DBacks are all after individual achievements and not the World Series.
  • I'll leave this one up to FJM. They always do these things better than I.
  • McCarver tries to explain why Victor Martinez setup outside late. Something to do with Manny's periphery seeing Martinez's shadow. Whatever.
  • Game still tied 6-6 in the 8th. Papelbon warming up. McCarver says, "You're probably sitting at home wondering if Papelbon has ever had a 6 out save." Well no, Tim, we're not, because if he were to come in right now he would not be in line for the save. McCarver then says, "No. He has never had a 6 out save." You are correct (or, more accurately, Fox's statisticians are), but Papelbon pitched at least 2 innings on 7 different occasions in 2006 and 4 times in 2005.
  • Good Lord, Dusty Baker signed with the Reds. Good luck with your young pitchers, Reds fans. Do these teams not follow baseball history? Do they not Google new hires? Come on, 4th result down is a little website called "Fire Dusty Baker." The 6th is "Dusty Baker's racist remarks." 7th is a different "Fire Dusty Baker." And that's just the first page. Ahh, hell, I'm just going to leave this up to FJM again. That's a lot of good reading on FJM's Dusty Baker tag. I highly recommend it. Adam Dunn is gonna have to go because he "clogs the bases" with all those walks.
  • Hey, JT is still here! Justin Timberlake, you ask? No, James Taylor. Joe Buck has taken to calling him JT. Definitely hip.
  • 12:10am. Need to be up around 6am. No nap times available all day Sunday. Top 9. Game tied, 6-6. Arg. Need sleep. I hope Cleveland brings in Borowski in the bottom of the 9th.
  • My Pats/Cowboys prediction: Pats 38-10. No joke.
  • Earlier in the game, Fox showed a graphic showing Travis Hafner's nickname, Pronk, came from being a "half project, half donkey." Now Joe Buck says, "half prospect, half donkey." Which is it?
  • Wedge just removed Hafner from the game as the game heads into extras and replaced him with Josh Barfield. Seems like an odd move. We'll see.
  • Barfield immediately steals second and McCarver tries to compare it to the steal Dave Roberts had in game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. Stupid, stupid Tim McCarver. The Sox were down a run at that point in the game and down 3-0 in the series.
  • So now the Indians are without their best hitter, assuming the game continues after the 9th. Stupid move.
  • I love how McCarver pronounces it "Ellsberry." It's so endearing.
  • 10 pitches so far to Youk in the 9th. You get the feeling that he's thinking, "I do this all the time. I'm going to win this battle. I could do this all night."
  • Nope. 12:45pm. I need sleep. What kind of Sox fan am I, right? Go ahead and ream me out in the comments. I hope this game goes 18 innings so I look like the smart one.


Mike C said...

So I left the tv on after going into bed and came out a half hour later because I couldn't sleep. The 11th inning was just about to start and Eric Gagne was warming up on the mound. I shut the tv off and went to sleep, knowing the game was over.

sarah said...

Conversation between me and my husband last night during the beginning of the game:

Husband: “Honey, if nursing doesn’t work out, please do not consider becoming a sports announcer.”

Me: “Why? The random obscenities I yell aren’t helpful?” (In my defense, the Indians had already scored a run.)

Husband: “Not at all”

Me: “*Sigh* Well, at least I’d be a better sports announcer than Tim McCarver”

Husband: “Nah, he’s not that bad. I don’t understand why everyone thinks he’s a horrible sports announcer. I actually don’t mind him”

File that under things I should have known before I married him. LoL.

I must admit I promptly sent myself to bed when Gagne came on the mound, too. Ugh. It was too painful to watch.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

You need to divorce your hubby immediately. I've never met him and I dislike him already. I bet he likes Joe Morgan, too.

skootchy22 said...

Ok 2 things: Gagne must have at least a 10 person entourage walking around Boston to avoid the 99.99% of people who would love to tell him how "good" he is at pitching. Adn second, what the hell is with the "cleveland rocks" song? Do people in cleveland even like that song?

sarah said...

Eh, the husband has enough other redeeming qualities I think I’ll keep him around.

James Taylor was very painful to watch introduce the red sox lineup. I don't think he knew anything about the current roster. All he could say about Lowell was "nice guy?" We couldn’t find anyone better?

I think the only person who like that "Cleveland rocks song" is Drew Carey.

I was just going to ask where Trot Nixon has been during the ALCS, when I did some research (take note, McCarver!) and realized he's partly responsible for the Indians winning last night. Bah!

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

The Presidents sang Cleveland Rocks and it's one of their worst songs.

And as for James Taylor, Fox was just happy to have a "celebrity" do something for them and they didn't care how long it's been since that person did anything famous.