Monday, October 15, 2007

ALCS Game 3 Random Thoughts

Ugh... abbreviated version tonight:
  • Joe Buck, Master of the Obvious: "If they don't bring Mike Lowell back next season, they'll have a definite hole over at third base." Unless, of course, they sign someone else.
  • McCarver goes back to his crap from a previous game, which I blogged about in a previous game. He says Mike Lowell never used to go up the middle or to the opposite field, which I pretty definitively proved otherwise.
  • After Manny fakes a tagup and Lofton has a nice throw to the plate, Lofton looks at Manny and gives him the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag. That made me laugh.
  • Sox had Westbrook on the ropes early with the bases loaded and no outs, and they failed to score a run. They suck.
  • Those Dane Cook commercials about the NLCS are a little late.
  • Trot Nixon is a fatass. He always had a gut in Boston, but man is he fat now. He looks like a beer league softball player.
  • Why was Manny credited with a hit when his "hit" hit Ortiz? It should be more like a fielder's choice. Strange rule.
  • Apparently Tim McCarver didn't get the memo that the gyroball doesn't exist.
  • Hafner gets pissed about a strike call and can be clearly seen saying "That was f***ing s**t." (This is still a family blog) McCarver says, "You could read Hafner's lips - he said that was outside." Was Timmy being funny?
  • FoxTrax SUCKS. That stupid gimmick is ridiculous. Fox always has that stuff.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods is not located at Trust me.
  • Youk needs a headband.
  • What's up with the catchphrase for the Indians? "It's Tribe time now"? That's horribly lame. How about TRIBElieving? You know, like Try Believing? Of course, if the Sox win, we'd turn it into Tribe Be Leavin'. But hey, it's better than It's Tribe Time Now. What garbage.
  • JD Drew sucks.
  • Top 9. Varitek up. McCarver: "Borowski really needs to make Varitek hit to get on here." He even repeated it. Is McCarver trying to come up with a new way of saying the pitcher needs to throw strikes?
  • I'm sticking with my Sox in 7 prediction. It's not the end of the world to be down 2-1. See ALCS, 2004.


skootchy22 said...

JD Drew is up: ground out
Coco is up: ground out
Lugo is up: ground out

JD Drew is up: ground out
JD Drew is up: ground out
JD Drew is up: ground out
JD Drew is up: ground out
JD Drew is up: ground out

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

Jacoby Ellsbury is more productive on the bench than JD Drew is on the field - at least you can't ground into DPs on the bench.