Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Genius From Steve Phillips

I boycotted ESPN on television 2.5 years ago and Steve Phillips (and others like him) was one of the main reasons. It amazes me that a guy can be a complete and utter failure at his job, then get hired as an expert in that field immediately after being fired. If there were a Moron Mountain and all the morons were trying to climb to the top to find the meaning of life, they'd find Phillips at the top, acting like a sage, doling out horrible advice. But he'd look good doing it, and that's what ESPN likes!

Anyway, I trudged through his chat today (Insider required, but don't bother dumbing yourself down by reading this stuff) because I enjoy bitching about him here on my blog. I'm only choosing one entry this time.

Marc (Boston): HI STEVE, Do you see the AL East teams resting and setting up for the playoffs of will there be a pennant race afterall?

Steve Phillips: Now that the differential is three games with only five to play, it makes sense for both teams to start thinking about October and how they want to line up their pitching in their rotation. I think it also makes sense to rest a few of the regulars and relieers so they are ready to go for the ALDS. But I suspect the Yankees will not call off the dogs till they clinch. I think it will end with the Red Sox first and Yankees second.
Wow. Nice job going out on a limb there, Steve. You must have been the top graduate at the Joe Morgan School of Chatting because this takes the cake. Bold prediction. 3 games up with 5 to go and you're going with.... the team that's virtually guaranteed to win! Ding ding ding!


skootchy22 said...

Steve Phillips is like a brand new golf ball: It holds so much promise and looks like it will be great at its job, but in the end all you want to do is toss it up in the air and smack it with a baseball bat.

Mike C said...

Great analogy! I like it.