Monday, September 17, 2007

Mmmm.... Tim McCarvery Goodness!

I decided to write down some McCarverisms from Saturday’s Sox Yankees game in hopes of getting a blog entry out of it. I wasn’t disappointed. I hope you’re not, either.

  • McCarver has now dubbed ARod, "Astonishing Rod!" Wow, amazing! You can throw any word that begins with A at the front and you have a clever new nickname. Amazing Rod! Awesome Rod! Asshole Rod! How much fun is this?!
  • They showed a shot of Josh Lewin, filling in for the irreplaceable Joe Buck, and Tim McCarver, and McCarver had his finger shoved way up his nose. Classic.
  • McCarver repeatedly called Jacoby Ellsbury "a great looking player," which didn't help the fact that I think I have a little mancrush on the little guy. Don't tell me you don't, too.
  • Dane Cook mentioned that he loved the moment when the Sox beat the Cards in St Louis to win the World Series in 2004 and you could easily see how angry this made McCarver. McCarver was silent. It was an awkward moment and Dane Cook had no idea. High comedy. Dane Cook then went on to mention it again a few minutes later, receiving the same reaction.
  • When discussing Wang, McCarver attempts one of his deep thoughts: "It's not that he gets outs, it's how he gets them." Last I checked, a popup was an out just as much as a grounder or strikeout. But that's just me. I haven't won Emmy Awards.
  • Bottom of the 5th, 1 out, man on first, Big Papi singles. "What a clutch hitter!" It's almost like McCarver has notes of things to say when certain guys do certain things and he forgot to read the part that says "later than 7th inning" when Big Papi gets a hit.
  • Eric Hinske bowls over Jorge Posada for an out at the plate. Posada stands up and is walking around. McCarver: "Posada is dazed, if not knocked out." Hmmm.... seems like a Steven Seagal trick, if you ask me.
  • Even better, and I swear this happened, Posada has just returned from visiting with the pitcher at the mound, "I think he may have been temporarily knocked out when he went to the mound!" Posada is awfully talented.
  • After this 1/2 inning ended, Posada leads off the inning and McCarver-in-Training Josh Lewin comments, "Curiously enough, Posada is leading off here!" Like it's some huge coincidence or the Yankees were batting out of order or something. By the way, I was trying to shorten that McCarver-in-Training thing a little and only came up with McIT, which doesn't sound right. It would be great if it were McTIT, but I couldn't come up with the first T. Any thoughts?


Dan said...

Great account of the greatness of Timmy.

You left out the full description of when Dane Cook talked about the Sox win in '04. McCarver was staring away from the group and down at the floor for the entire segment - I was amazed at his displeasure and eldery disdain.

Then he picked his nose again.

We love Timmy.

Dan said...

Oh, and I am worried about Posada. He was "knocked out" both at the plate, then while walking to the pitcher's mound.

I think getting in his car and closing the door may render him fully disabled.