Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gotta Love Rob Neyer

So my new angle is trashing bad writing/journalism, but how about the other side of things? Rob Neyer is one of my all-time favorite baseball writers; I've been reading him on espn.com since before you had to pay for his stuff, and that was a long time ago.

Anyway, from today's chat (Insider required):
Brandon (Syracuse, NY): I agree Pedroia will win (and I think he should), but you never seem to bring up his home/road splits, like you do with Tulowitzki. OPS at Fenway: .897 OPS everywhere else: .729

Rob Neyer: It's a fair point, Brandon. I didn't know.
How can you not love a writer who admits that he didn't know something that he reasonably should have known? And while we're at it:
mike (shippensburg, PA): I love Boston and adore Manny. Sadly though, he's missed a ton of time the past two seasons and has gotten even worse in the field. The man needs to be a DH. Will Boston deal him this offseason and what can they expect in return.

Rob Neyer: I'm afraid the Sox are stuck with him and his $20 million salary for one more year. In '09 he'll be DHing for somebody else.
I wouldn't count out ARod, though, with all the contracts coming off the books. The Sox would take a one-year hit with both big contracts.


Dan said...
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Dan said...

Neyer has always been one of the best for those reasons, he is a pleasure to read compared to others who fancy themselves his colleagues.

I would say he admits his errors more than others, but do they ever?