Thursday, September 27, 2007

The 2007 Sox Don't Have a Derek Lowe

I abhor The Big Jab sports talk radio, but when I pull into my parking garage in the morning for work, WEEI doesn't come in anymore and I can't stand driving in silence. So I am unfortunately subjected to about 3 minutes of morons talking about sports each morning and evening. This morning was a particularly egregious between Shoe and Joe, comparing the 2007 pitching staff to the 2004 staff (paraphrased):
Shoe: Is Schilling/Beckett the same as Schilling/Pedro?
Joe: Probably. It's pretty close.
Shoe: But this is a different Schilling.
Joe: True. But this team doesn't have a Derek Lowe, which will hurt them.
Wha wha wha what?!?

In 33 starts in 2004, Derek Lowe had a 5.42 ERA and a 1.62 WHIP. He's lucky his ERA was so low. He was arguably the worst regular starter in the league.

Now, that being said, Lowe had a magical postseason, pitching the clinching game in each series. But who'da thunk he'd do that on September 27th, 2004? Isn't it possible that someone will do the same? Couldn't Daisuke do that? Or Wake? We don't know. We do know that Joe Palmieri is a moron.


skootchy22 said...

WJAB.....some fun lovin local guys who know practically nothing about sports.

WEEI.....some arrogant yet knowledgable jokers who at least have spoken to the atheletes and coaches so they dont have to guess about the teams.

Just my opinion, I welcome yours.

Mike C said...

D&C on the WEEI morning drive are great. The Big Show in the afternoon is filled with arrogant aholes.

skootchy22 said...

And the "Winer Line" is the dumbest most annoying segment in the history of radio!

Mike C said...

No kidding! Those guys think all day about something clever and funny to say and then call The Whiner Line. I hate that crap. Those are the guys who live in their mothers' basements.

Anonymous said...

this is fun. i typed in 'red sox stats' into google and got a blog that no one reads or cares about.but 'stat guy' somehow thinks he is important.hilarious. shouldnt it be called "get a life stats guy". man can i get the last 5 minutes of my life back reading this losers page

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

Funny, I get several hundred readers per day. The joy of blogs and the internet is that I can write what I want and you don't need to read it if you don't want to. And if you want people to care about your "scathing" comments, why not put your real name and e-mail address?

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

I have a feeling this is the Tony Maz guy. Or maybe someone from The Big Jab radio show.