Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sox Fans Are Hitting the Panic Button Too Early

Go ahead and press it. You know you want to. The Sox have been a trainwreck of late, but it's still way too early to panic. Everyone's calling WEEI saying the Sox are done, Wakefield should be moved to the bullpen, JD Drew should be traded, etc. It's Doomsday! Everyone run!

Come on, people. If I told you on April 1st that the Sox would have a 9 game lead in the division and 11.5 game lead on the Yankees on June 7th, what would you have said? The Sox were bound to go into a slump and the Yankees were bound to hit a hot streak; their Expected W-L record proves it, as I wrote just 2 weeks ago. And Wakefield was going to even out from his hot start.

The thing that bothers me is Francona whining about the DH and travel issues. This type of thing carries over to the players and they start thinking negative thoughts, which affect their play. Francona has been Frantastic (okay, that was lame) all year, but this might have been a big mistake.

And while you're pondering all of this, take a look at the defense attorney's name in this case and tell me it's not fake. Thanks to loyal reader Skootch for pointing that one out.


skootchy22 said...

That is so true, all of it. No need to panic at this point, we still have great starting pitching, solid bullpen peeps and a lineup that will continue to get better. (And also Youk, who has my vote for most improved player). I must say however, I believe that the travel is an issue. Playing at what is effectively 10pm when you are used to playing at 7pm makes a difference. And even Papi said they are missing intensity, which would lead me to believe just that.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

No doubt the travel is an issue, but bitching about it publicly only makes things worse. It brings down the team's morale.

skootchy22 said...

Thats true, and surprsing from Tito.