Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I've been getting this question a lot lately, so I thought I'd address one of the e-mails. All [sic]s are implied.
I would like to say I find your blog very interesting (ed. note: I didn't add that in there, I swear!) and wanted to bring up something of interest. As I was listening to the big jabs PM talk show they were talking about changing the red soxs lineup to make it better. It was very funny as a couple of people thought crisp leading off was a much better option than lugo even though their stats are almost identical and very crappy for a leadoff hitter. But this got me to thinking what would be the best line-up for the red sox to employ at this time. I came up with a rather odd one compared to what most would think. Here it is and let me know what you think:

1) Drew
2) Pedroia
3) Ortiz
4) Ramirez
5) Youkilis
6) Lowell
7) Varatek
8) Lugo
9) Crisp

My logic being that drew has a 340 OBP, which is good but not great. It will also relieve all the pressure he has to hit a lot and drive in runs. This way all he has to do is worry about getting on base. By putting Lugo and Crisp at the end of the order they do not need to worry about getting on base but just about hitting. It is not the ideal lineup but it would take pressure off of two players who seem to be pressing to much.

And in conclusion I have to let it be known that when it was annouced the Red Sox were going after Lugo and Drew, I thought they were insane. Now, giving the money they dished out and how they are performing, though based on small sample sizes, I think my worst fears have come true.
Good lineup, Willie, but I'm not sure I'd change anything right now. Yes, they've lost 5 of 6, but that's to be expected. If they continue to win 2 of 3, I'd keep the lineup as is. Lugo keeps driving in runs and when he does get on base, he steals a lot of bases at an extremely high rate. I can't say that I disagree with your proposed lineup, but I wouldn't change anything just yet.

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