Friday, June 08, 2007

Hot Blogger Bracket Update

TMZ is running a story about the Hot Blogger contest today:
We at TMZ have an exclusive story about Mike C, better known as niche blogger cum hot blogger Red Sox Stats Guy, who is currently embroiled in a bitter fight against Kevin DeBruin, assistant editor at With Leather. Fighting for the title of Hottest Sports Blogger Alive, we've learned through inside sources that Mike C has become so obsessed with the contest that he has not worked all week! In fact, he hasn't slept or ate anything since the contest started on Tuesday, says our unimpeachable source.

According to said source, Mike C has not shaved or showered, either. Yuck! One of TMZ's cameramen was given exclusive access to Mike C's back balcony and came away shaken up. "I walked in and he was slumped over his computer, rapidly clicking away at his mouse. He looked like a rabid dog in heat! The room was dark and I tried to take a picture, but I was shaking too much and I ran away. I think he growled at me!"

Our inside source also directed us to Mike C's MySpace page, which is private, but the source assured us that he no longer looks anything like the pretty boy in the picture after a week without showering or shaving. His wife was rumored to have said of his notime4luvdrjones URL on MySpace, "Yeah, no time for love because all he does is refresh that stupid poll!"

Pictures to come soon. Our cameraman informed us that there are 29 cameramen there, waiting for the shot of the superstar when he comes out, hopefully victorious. If he loses this contest, no one knows what might happen. Some speculate that he may never come out of hiding. At press time, the voting stood at 574-579, with Mike C down by 5 votes.

More to come! Stick with TMZ for all the Stats Guy news!
It's getting brutal out there!

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