Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hey Look, a Red Sox Post!

Yes, I have had a major slant lately towards the Yankees. What can I say? They're an easy target. But I decided that it's time to post about the Sox again now that May is over.

Let's take a look at the OPS for each regular during the month of May:
Lowell: .996
Crisp: .611
Drew: .552
Lugo: .577
Ortiz: .999
Pedroia: 1.077, doubling his April OPS (Pedroia is on an absolute tear. They can't keep this quiet for long.)
Manny: .970
Varitek: .957
Youkilis: 1.126

Two thirds of their lineup sported an OPS of .957 or greater. That's sick. Their team OPS for the month was .829, compared to the Yankees at .782, the DRays and Orioles at .743, and the Jays at .716.

No wonder they went 20-8 in May to open up a double-digit lead in the division.

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