Saturday, June 02, 2007

Clemens' Groin is Tired and McCarver is an Idiot

I've never paid much attention to the in-game interviews with the managers because they never really say anything. Here's how they typically go:
Announcer: "Well, Mr Manager, what do you think about how the opposing pitcher has done today?"
Manager: "Well, he's been very impressive so far, but I think if we stick to our gameplan that we can get to him."


But tonight Joe Torre let the cat out of the bag that Roger Clemens has a "fatigued" groin. What is that? Even Tim McCarver said he's never heard of that before, which shocks me, although don't ask me why. But what does this mean? Here's my theory: I think the Yankees are having buyer's remorse with Clemens and have asked him to hold out for a while to see how far behind the Sox they fall. After a week or two they'll decide if they still want him. If they're too far out, they'll ask him to walk away from his contract. We'll see.

Immediately after this interview with Torre, Tim McCarver, the master of the horrible segue, said (paraphrased), "Red Sox owner John Henry made his fortune on the futures market and Brian Cashman decided to venture into the futures market with Roger Clemens." What? Rookies would be the futures market. Roger Clemens is is overpriced stock with little value that will be ditched in a few months with little interest.

Tim McCarver is awful. I can never decide between him and Joe Morgan when trying to figure out who the worst announcer in baseball is.


Dan said...

It is indeed a tough call, and Joe may have the crazy edge, but Tim is the complete package of insane, irrelevant, and biased. He is everything that is bad about sportscasting.

sofla red sox fan said...

And did you see how McCarver did everything possible to shift blame away from his boy Jeter on that horrid throw he made when Doug got knocked out? He blamed everyone BUT Mr. Driven. Brutal. Simply brutal.

I hate it when Fox takes games from NESN.

Go Sox!

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

I swear McCarver kept blaming Cano, saying Cano had thrown it.

Red Sox Stats Guy said...

And don't forget when Jeter let that ball go through his legs and McCarver gave credit to Coco for blocking Jeter's view instead of saying Jeter should have had it.

Anonymous said...

segue, not segway