Friday, June 01, 2007

All Yankee'd Out

I'm sure I speak for everyone in the country when I say that I'm sick of the Yankees. Everywhere I go, it's Yankees this, Yankees that. Here are the current stories about the Yankees that we're being force-fed:
  • ARod cheating on his wife.
  • ARod cheating while running to third base (and then we're reminded of his slap on Arroyo and the elbow to Pedroia).
  • Jason Giambi's pseudo-admission of steroids use. Again.
  • Jason Giambi's "injury," which has come at a convenient time after his steroids admission.
  • The potential trade of Giambi to the Angels.
  • Roger Clemens returning.
  • Roger Clemens' no-trade clause.
  • Roger Clemens' alleged steroid/HGH use.
  • Roger Clemens not pitching in Boston this weekend.
  • Joe Torre getting fired. Or not. Or is he?
  • Who's taking over? Girardi? Donnie Baseball?
  • Brian Cashman getting fired. Or not. Or is he?
  • Is George Steinbrenner dead?
  • Steinbrenner is alive!
  • Abreu's slump.
  • Cano's slump.
  • Mariano Rivera's slump/not getting enough pitching.
  • Overuse of the bullpen.
  • Underuse of the starters.
  • Torre's mismanagement of his pitching.
  • Johnny Damon's constant injuries.
  • Jeter's awesome. What a professional. Gag me.
  • And, of course, how much the Yankees suck. Even my 3-year old son will randomly tell me several times a day, "Yankees STINK!" even though he really doesn't know what it means. He just knows that it makes me laugh.
I'm sick of it all. Can't we just talk about how great the Sox have been? Are we really that starved for negative media attention that we need to feed off the Yankees? I love to talk about how much the Yankees as a team are struggling, but the rest of it gets tired.

On second thought, I really love it. Just look at my posts. I love ripping on the Yankees. Almost as much as I love the Red Sox. Almost.

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