Saturday, June 09, 2007

Goodbye, Red Sox Stats Guy

I've finally decided to "ditch the niche" and start a slightly more mainstream blog. After blogging as Red Sox Stats Guy for almost 18 months, I've become bored with blogging about stats and want to branch out into more opinion, news, and fun items. This blog has gotten away from the stats anyway, so you shouldn't miss them.

The Hub will still feature statistical analysis, but not as much as I used to do. What it will be is a fun community for New England sports fans. I'll post about the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics. You'll continue to get a heavy dose of Yankee-hating, too, of course. I'll also link to the best blog stories each day. I'll post more often and to a larger audience.

You'll see the first post up Sunday, June 10th. Stop on by and bookmark it or add it to your reader.
The URL is

Consider Stats Guy unofficially dead. He's been dead to me for weeks.

TMZ Follow-Up Story

Posted by Stats Guy's wife:
With 6 hours to go, Red Sox Stats Guy was holding on, just 2 votes behind Kevin DeBruin. Then Deadspin posted about the contest and how close Stats Guy was to DeBruin and it went downhill from there. Suddenly the lead was 60, with no hope for our Stats Guy. TMZ has posted a follow-up to yesterday's story about him and the Hot Blogger Bracket:
Mike C is "teetering on the brink."

Inside sources have told TMZ that Mike C has been crying a lot, praying, and extremely withdrawn.

Mike C is in the medical ward at a local hospital. He is in a room by himself with a glass door. For his protection, a sergeant guards the door at all times.

We're told Mike C hasn't eaten or slept since the contest started 4 days ago.

Sources have described his condition today as "fragile" and "despondent." One source called him "a train wreck" while another said he is "sullen and withdrawn."

We've learned his shrink, Dr. Shawn Hutchinson, spent more than two hours with him this afternoon after the Deadspin debacle. Mike's family can't visit today. In the medical ward, families can only visit on Sundays and Tuesdays.

We're told Mike is receiving "appropriate medical attention." We're told he's being given psychotropic medication.
See what you people have done to Stats Guy?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hot Blogger Bracket Update

TMZ is running a story about the Hot Blogger contest today:
We at TMZ have an exclusive story about Mike C, better known as niche blogger cum hot blogger Red Sox Stats Guy, who is currently embroiled in a bitter fight against Kevin DeBruin, assistant editor at With Leather. Fighting for the title of Hottest Sports Blogger Alive, we've learned through inside sources that Mike C has become so obsessed with the contest that he has not worked all week! In fact, he hasn't slept or ate anything since the contest started on Tuesday, says our unimpeachable source.

According to said source, Mike C has not shaved or showered, either. Yuck! One of TMZ's cameramen was given exclusive access to Mike C's back balcony and came away shaken up. "I walked in and he was slumped over his computer, rapidly clicking away at his mouse. He looked like a rabid dog in heat! The room was dark and I tried to take a picture, but I was shaking too much and I ran away. I think he growled at me!"

Our inside source also directed us to Mike C's MySpace page, which is private, but the source assured us that he no longer looks anything like the pretty boy in the picture after a week without showering or shaving. His wife was rumored to have said of his notime4luvdrjones URL on MySpace, "Yeah, no time for love because all he does is refresh that stupid poll!"

Pictures to come soon. Our cameraman informed us that there are 29 cameramen there, waiting for the shot of the superstar when he comes out, hopefully victorious. If he loses this contest, no one knows what might happen. Some speculate that he may never come out of hiding. At press time, the voting stood at 574-579, with Mike C down by 5 votes.

More to come! Stick with TMZ for all the Stats Guy news!
It's getting brutal out there!

Kick Dan Shaughnessy and Joe Morgan

I'm devastated by the news that Sean Connery will not be reprising his role as Indiana Jones' father, so I'm posting something to make me feel better.

Thanks to longtime reader Sarah, I can now kick both Dan Shaughnessy and Joe Morgan anytime I feel like it. Give it a try! You'll feel better about yourself!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's All My Fault Schilling Didn't Get The No-Hitter

I was driving home alone from work today when they mentioned the A's were hitless through 6. I went inside and turned on the tv and asked my wife to hold off on dinner because I wanted to watch the end of the game. She was sitting at the computer with 2 outs in the 9th when I told her to come and watch with me.

You see, we had tickets to the Red Sox game back in April of 2002 when Derek Lowe pitched the no-no against Tampa Bay. She wasn't able to make it, but I went with my family and got to see a great game, something I'll remember forever.

So I wanted to make sure she got the chance to see a no-hitter. But I jinxed Schilling with 2 outs in the 9th. It's all my fault.

Edit: Apparently I'm not the only one who feels as if they jinxed Schill.

Sox Fans Are Hitting the Panic Button Too Early

Go ahead and press it. You know you want to. The Sox have been a trainwreck of late, but it's still way too early to panic. Everyone's calling WEEI saying the Sox are done, Wakefield should be moved to the bullpen, JD Drew should be traded, etc. It's Doomsday! Everyone run!

Come on, people. If I told you on April 1st that the Sox would have a 9 game lead in the division and 11.5 game lead on the Yankees on June 7th, what would you have said? The Sox were bound to go into a slump and the Yankees were bound to hit a hot streak; their Expected W-L record proves it, as I wrote just 2 weeks ago. And Wakefield was going to even out from his hot start.

The thing that bothers me is Francona whining about the DH and travel issues. This type of thing carries over to the players and they start thinking negative thoughts, which affect their play. Francona has been Frantastic (okay, that was lame) all year, but this might have been a big mistake.

And while you're pondering all of this, take a look at the defense attorney's name in this case and tell me it's not fake. Thanks to loyal reader Skootch for pointing that one out.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I've been getting this question a lot lately, so I thought I'd address one of the e-mails. All [sic]s are implied.
I would like to say I find your blog very interesting (ed. note: I didn't add that in there, I swear!) and wanted to bring up something of interest. As I was listening to the big jabs PM talk show they were talking about changing the red soxs lineup to make it better. It was very funny as a couple of people thought crisp leading off was a much better option than lugo even though their stats are almost identical and very crappy for a leadoff hitter. But this got me to thinking what would be the best line-up for the red sox to employ at this time. I came up with a rather odd one compared to what most would think. Here it is and let me know what you think:

1) Drew
2) Pedroia
3) Ortiz
4) Ramirez
5) Youkilis
6) Lowell
7) Varatek
8) Lugo
9) Crisp

My logic being that drew has a 340 OBP, which is good but not great. It will also relieve all the pressure he has to hit a lot and drive in runs. This way all he has to do is worry about getting on base. By putting Lugo and Crisp at the end of the order they do not need to worry about getting on base but just about hitting. It is not the ideal lineup but it would take pressure off of two players who seem to be pressing to much.

And in conclusion I have to let it be known that when it was annouced the Red Sox were going after Lugo and Drew, I thought they were insane. Now, giving the money they dished out and how they are performing, though based on small sample sizes, I think my worst fears have come true.
Good lineup, Willie, but I'm not sure I'd change anything right now. Yes, they've lost 5 of 6, but that's to be expected. If they continue to win 2 of 3, I'd keep the lineup as is. Lugo keeps driving in runs and when he does get on base, he steals a lot of bases at an extremely high rate. I can't say that I disagree with your proposed lineup, but I wouldn't change anything just yet.

Hot Blogger Bracket - I'm a 6 Seed!

Over at the Ladies... blog, they created a "hot blogger bracket" and my wife signed me up, including a picture of our son with me in my photo, which is the clincher. You can see the bracket here. Go vote for me! It's close!

Yes, I realize I'd never be that close if it weren't for my adorable son, who was 2.5 in that picture.

By the way, DeBruin is very good, but he only churns out a few weekend posts as the Assistant Editor at With Leather, my favorite sports blog. I posted 63 times in June! Take that, DeBruin!

Yankees Fans Are Animals

Here's the proof.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Tip of the Cap to the Yanks

I ended up falling asleep last night shortly after Okajima gave up the tying run in the 8th inning, so I missed the 9th inning, game-winning HR by ARod. But I watched the highlight this morning and it was not a pitch he should have been hitting over the right-field fence.

So the Yankees took 2 of 3 in Boston. Boston threw two of the best relievers in the game against the Bombers Sunday night, but it wasn't enough. The Yankees scored one run off each reliever. There's nothing you can do except tip your cap to them. They were better than us.

But this still isn't 1978.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wade Boggs Drank a Lot Of Booze

This is a tough one to believe, but there are two sources. Read it yourself. Hey, he's got to wash all that chicken down with something, right?

I'm Retiring the Joe Morgan Schtick

For anyone who has followed this blog and my old website for a while, you know how much I hate Joe Morgan. The Joe Morgan tag doesn't tell the whole story; I just started tagging him 6 weeks ago. But today I've decided to hang up the megaphone.

It turns out other people have been doing this for years and are much better at it than I. I highly recommend that website. Some more good stories about Joe Morgan's unbelievable incompetence can be found here and here. And while we're at it, check out this anti-Tim McCarver site. I contributed some of the McCarverisms during the 2004 playoffs and World Series.

I've also given a lot of thought to the McCarver/Morgan: Who is Worse? debate today. I am leaning heavily towards Morgan. Joe Morgan does 2 major games per week, while McCarver does 1. Morgan also does an historically bad chat every week on a website that I frequent. I don't think McCarver does anything other than Fox broadcasts. Morgan is infuriatingly incompetent and refuses to accept any new methods of measuring success. His opinions fly in the face of everything baseball has learned over the past 20 years. He's the little old man sitting in a rocking chair on his porch yelling at the kids who are playing baseball in the street. He's stupid and irrelevent. Tim McCarver is just mind-bogglingly confusing and incompetent. Your typical reaction to a McCarverism is "Huh?" while you get downright pissed at virtually everything Morgan says.

Yes, I realize that Joe Morgan is one of the, if not the, greatest second basemen of all-time. Even Bill James thinks so. But Bill James says it best when he calls Morgan a "twit" and a "weenie." Actually, I could say it much better but I'm more mature than that. Really!

Anyway, I'm giving up on this quest to get Joe Morgan out of our lives. I'm afraid I'll go to the doctor's office one of these days and my doctor will tell me I have high blood pressure and ask me what stressors I have in my life. I'll reply, "You know, the typical: 3 year old, financial issues, job, Joe Morgan." The doctor will nod and say, "I understand. At least to the Joe Morgan thing. I'm a doctor in a private practice so I don't have financial issues and I don't really work much. But man, that Joe Morgan! When the hell are they going to fire that dumbass?!"

So I'm done stressing about Joe Morgan. I'll let the other guys do the stressing. And I'll just read what they say and nod in agreement.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Learned It From Watching You, Dad!

During tonight's game, Jason Varitek hit a grounder to Robinson Cano, who ran to tag Mike Lowell in the first base line. Lowell hit Cano with a completely legal shoulder that took Cano down. Cano managed to make an amazing throw to first to double up Varitek. Cano complained about the hit after the game, but he wasn't backed up by his manager, Joe Torre. From the story:
"I never had a problem with him before," Cano said. "Today he threw his elbow."

But Torre said it was a clean play. Lowell, who spent his first four professional seasons in the Yankees organization, insisted he meant no harm.

"They taught me how to do it," he said.
Classic! It reminded me of that old anti-drug commercial where the father catches his son doing dope and asks him how he learned to do that stuff. The son cries, "I learned it from watching you, dad!" How dramatic.

Hey Look, a Red Sox Post!

Yes, I have had a major slant lately towards the Yankees. What can I say? They're an easy target. But I decided that it's time to post about the Sox again now that May is over.

Let's take a look at the OPS for each regular during the month of May:
Lowell: .996
Crisp: .611
Drew: .552
Lugo: .577
Ortiz: .999
Pedroia: 1.077, doubling his April OPS (Pedroia is on an absolute tear. They can't keep this quiet for long.)
Manny: .970
Varitek: .957
Youkilis: 1.126

Two thirds of their lineup sported an OPS of .957 or greater. That's sick. Their team OPS for the month was .829, compared to the Yankees at .782, the DRays and Orioles at .743, and the Jays at .716.

No wonder they went 20-8 in May to open up a double-digit lead in the division.

Clemens' Groin is Tired and McCarver is an Idiot

I've never paid much attention to the in-game interviews with the managers because they never really say anything. Here's how they typically go:
Announcer: "Well, Mr Manager, what do you think about how the opposing pitcher has done today?"
Manager: "Well, he's been very impressive so far, but I think if we stick to our gameplan that we can get to him."


But tonight Joe Torre let the cat out of the bag that Roger Clemens has a "fatigued" groin. What is that? Even Tim McCarver said he's never heard of that before, which shocks me, although don't ask me why. But what does this mean? Here's my theory: I think the Yankees are having buyer's remorse with Clemens and have asked him to hold out for a while to see how far behind the Sox they fall. After a week or two they'll decide if they still want him. If they're too far out, they'll ask him to walk away from his contract. We'll see.

Immediately after this interview with Torre, Tim McCarver, the master of the horrible segue, said (paraphrased), "Red Sox owner John Henry made his fortune on the futures market and Brian Cashman decided to venture into the futures market with Roger Clemens." What? Rookies would be the futures market. Roger Clemens is is overpriced stock with little value that will be ditched in a few months with little interest.

Tim McCarver is awful. I can never decide between him and Joe Morgan when trying to figure out who the worst announcer in baseball is.

Friday, June 01, 2007

More Knowledge Knuggets From Buster

Buster Olney always has the greatest information in his blog (Insider required). From today's:
Dan Shaughnessy polled some former players about A-Rod's pop-up play -- was it bush-league, or not? -- came up with a split decision. Barry Bonds has A-Rod's back on this play, saying it's not a bush-league play, but Rich Aurilia does not. Casey Blake says the play violates The Code.

Seattle second baseman Jose Lopez says that yelling at infielders is standard operating procedure for A-Rod, and calls it "stupid." Richie Sexson calls it "bush league," as John Hickey writes. Within this notebook, Tom Gage writes that a Tigers infielder had a similar incident with A-Rod last year.

Frank Thomas wonders, within this piece, if A-Rod would have said anything if the play had involved Troy Glaus, rather than Howie Clark -- which, interestingly, is exactly what some of the Red Sox thought after A-Rod slapped Bronson Arroyo's glove during the 2004 playoffs; the prevailing feeling among the Boston players then was that A-Rod would not have made the same move if Curt Schilling had been the guy covering first base.

A-Rod is tone-deaf sometimes, writes Mike Lupica.

Barry Bonds is exactly the type of person ARod wants in his corner on shady issues like this. I'm sure ARod is thrilled about this development. Also, it looks like he has a history of behaving immaturely on the basepaths. Why does this not surprise me?

All Yankee'd Out

I'm sure I speak for everyone in the country when I say that I'm sick of the Yankees. Everywhere I go, it's Yankees this, Yankees that. Here are the current stories about the Yankees that we're being force-fed:
  • ARod cheating on his wife.
  • ARod cheating while running to third base (and then we're reminded of his slap on Arroyo and the elbow to Pedroia).
  • Jason Giambi's pseudo-admission of steroids use. Again.
  • Jason Giambi's "injury," which has come at a convenient time after his steroids admission.
  • The potential trade of Giambi to the Angels.
  • Roger Clemens returning.
  • Roger Clemens' no-trade clause.
  • Roger Clemens' alleged steroid/HGH use.
  • Roger Clemens not pitching in Boston this weekend.
  • Joe Torre getting fired. Or not. Or is he?
  • Who's taking over? Girardi? Donnie Baseball?
  • Brian Cashman getting fired. Or not. Or is he?
  • Is George Steinbrenner dead?
  • Steinbrenner is alive!
  • Abreu's slump.
  • Cano's slump.
  • Mariano Rivera's slump/not getting enough pitching.
  • Overuse of the bullpen.
  • Underuse of the starters.
  • Torre's mismanagement of his pitching.
  • Johnny Damon's constant injuries.
  • Jeter's awesome. What a professional. Gag me.
  • And, of course, how much the Yankees suck. Even my 3-year old son will randomly tell me several times a day, "Yankees STINK!" even though he really doesn't know what it means. He just knows that it makes me laugh.
I'm sick of it all. Can't we just talk about how great the Sox have been? Are we really that starved for negative media attention that we need to feed off the Yankees? I love to talk about how much the Yankees as a team are struggling, but the rest of it gets tired.

On second thought, I really love it. Just look at my posts. I love ripping on the Yankees. Almost as much as I love the Red Sox. Almost.