Friday, May 18, 2007

Yeah, Clemens is Exactly What They Need

In their last 7 games the Yankees have been outscored 22-31, going 2-5 over that time and falling to 9.5 games behind the Red Sox, barely clinging to second place in the surprisingly weak AL East.

2 weeks ago it was widely believed that the Yankees needed pitching and more pitching. Now it looks like their pitching is their strength, only allowing 4.43 runs per game over that span while the offense has sputtered to 3.14 RPG. Even Yankees fans are chanting “Yankees Suck” at home games.

Of course, ARod had some brilliant comments about how to pull out of their offensive funk, saying (paraphrased), “We just need to wait for our pitch, hit it to the opposite field, make sure we’re swinging at good pitches, and we’ll start hitting.” Brilliant. Swing at good pitches. How revolutionary. Someone tell the ghost of Brian Daubach.

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