Saturday, May 12, 2007

Who Wants ARod? We have Lowell

We all know how Mike Lowell is tearing it up right now. Of course it's not realistic to expect him to continue this offensive onslaught, but I think it's reasonable to expect another .280/20/90 season from Lowell.

The big criticism of him during April was his 8 errors. Just a week ago today I wrote that Lowell's defense appeared to have regressed from last season:
A potent offensive attack will always make you forget about substandard defense. A near-.900 OPS, along with the 8th-most RBI in the league certainly help you overlook the crapload of errors. The fact is that Lowell's Zone Rating is at the lowest level of his career, at .739, compared to .811 from 2006. ARod's is .784 this year at the same position. I do think Lowell will improve. He's no Chuck Knoblauch.
Now Lowell's defense is right up there with his offense. His Zone Rating is up to .772 from .739 just a week ago and he hasn't committed an error yet this month. His OPS continues to hover over .900. The combination of offense and defense makes him extremely valuable. My vote is locking up Lowell for another 2 years now, maybe at $5 million per, and letting the fans know that he's our guy. That will end all this stupid ARod speculation.

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