Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Too Busy For Anything Else, So You Get Links

Great article about Wakefield here. Is it possible that Wakefield will finish in the top 10 in the Cy Young voting? Sure. But he’s 40 years old and it’s not likely that he goes from a career 4.30 ERA to a sub-3.00 pitcher. Sub-4.00, sure, but not Cy Young caliber. He’s been great so far, but it will catch up to him. Everyone has stretches of dominance like this (see: ARod in April). The article also brings back some great memories about the summer of ’95.

Speaking of ARod, check out the drivel in this article. Joe has a new respect for ARod? Where did they come up with that headline? Did he say it? I don’t see that quote in there. Just another case of them trying to sell papers. New respect because ARod was fine with the move to 3rd in the order? The guy is making $27 million this year; why would he complain about his spot in the order? This crap drives me insane. “ARod’s such a team player! What a great guy! He’s willing to move to 3rd in the order!”

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