Sunday, May 27, 2007

Strangest Play Ever

Earlier this season I wrote about the funniest play in Red Sox history and now I'm writing about the strangest. All within 8 weeks of each other.

In case you didn't see it, Julian Tavarez fielded a hot grounder back to him in today's game and instead of softly tossing it to Youk at first, which would have easily gotten the batter out, Tavarez chose to roll it to Youk, bowling style.

My first thought was wondering if it had ever been done before, but Remy quickly said he'd never seen it before. Remy has seen a lot of baseball, so I'm inclined to say it's pretty rare.

Why did he do this? At first I thought he may have been injured, but nope, he stayed in. Maybe he's just found that it's easier to roll it than throw it. Less risk of it going errant and over the first baseman's head, right? I think this might start a trend. Or maybe it'll be like Rick Barry's underhand granny free-throws and he'll be the only one who does it.

I, for one, hope to see this a lot more.

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