Sunday, May 06, 2007

Steinbrenner Hates Being in Last Place

The New York Yankees rank dead last in MLB in innings pitched by starters, at an average of 4.94 innings per start. That's an alarming number. The Red Sox are getting 6.24. They also rank 27th and 25th in starters' ERA and BAA, respectively. The Red Sox are 8th and 3rd. They're dead last in quality starts, tied with the Marlins at 8. The Red Sox have 17.

So what do the Yankees do? They go out and sign a guy who averaged 5.9 innings per start last year. In the NL Central. He's not likely to average more than that in the AL East, meaning another 3 innings per start for the already taxed bullpen. I already have my doubts about how Clemens was better from age 35-44 than he was from 25-34. We'll see how he does at the age of 45 in the AL East.

Clemens signed a staggering pro-rated $28 million contract, meaning he'll make $18.5 million. That's approximately $1 million per start. Just another overpaid Yankee. This brings the Yankee payroll well north of $200 million.

Yes, I hate the Yankees, but I respect a lot of their players. I hate Roger Clemens and can't respect him much at all.

Money quote from Roger: "Let's face it -- these guys know how to win." Roger, I think they may have forgotten. It's been 6.5 years since they won the Series.

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