Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sidney Ponson Still Sucks

But the Sox had a hard time putting him away today, needing an error by the pitcher to get the extra run they needed. Here's the lowdown on Ponch... er... Ponson:
  • 5 teams in the last 5 seasons
  • Allowing nearly two baserunners per inning
  • 6.42 ERA, 352nd out of 430 pitchers
  • .336 BAA, which is like a whole team of Hall of Famers facing him all the time
  • Sucking up $1 million of the Twins $71 million payroll
  • Generously listed at 258 pounds
And yet the potent Sox offense struggled to get runs across. They had plenty of opportunities, with 12 baserunners on in just over 5 innings. Maybe it was the lack of Manny's bat in the lineup, but they sucked offensively today. And Schilling almost blew it in the 7th, needing to be yanked in favor of my hero Okajima. You know Schilling hates it when he gets lifted in the middle of an inning.

On a bright note, Pedroia is starting to heat up, going 3-4 today with 2 doubles to raise his batting average to .239. His OPS is almost at .700!

The Sox keep rolling, but the Yankees are starting to, as well. The Yanks are now alone in 2nd place, 5.5 games behind the Sox. And they've just signed Clemens, which deserves its own post.

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