Friday, May 18, 2007

Seth Mnookin is Red Sox Blogger Extraordinaire

I don’t have time to read many Sox blogs, but when I get the chance I always read Seth Mnookin’s. He has a fantastic post today, which everyone should read. Here's a quote:

The Sox, at 28-12, have two fewer losses than any other team in baseball and four more wins that any other AL team. This, despite the fact that the team’s starting outfielders are collectively batting .244 with 11 home runs (seven players have hit 11 or more) and 48 RBIs…and that Manny, JDD, and Coco all trail Dustin “Rudy” Pedroia in batting average (.253) and OBP (.356). Oh, and despite the fact that, a quarter of the way into the season, Manny projects to finish the year with the lowest home run total (24), the second lowest RBI total (100), and the lowest hit total (148) of his career.
Informative and funny. You can't beat that.

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